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Ruppert studiously overlooked blatant alerts which the oil crunch is artificially contrived (see Shell's closure of its worthwhile Bakersfield CA refinery suitable prior to the Enron brown-outs).

In any case, like All people's remarks plus they ALL give me a thing to consider. PO or never to PO, is probably not the problem. The issue is to acquire or not to order.

I do think on the list of great propaganda defeats that "we" have experienced in the final 25 many years or so would be the suppression of overshoot-consciousness over the eighties and nineties. I do think ruppert is largely correct regarding the motives of your cheney cabal, plus the members of that cabal, not richard heinberg, are those who most threaten the remainder of us.

Unusual, the PO deniers can also be those who in no way carry up meta-complications like ecosystem collapse or unsustainable Culture. They always seem to Assume the world is simply fine as well as their personal lifestyle could have nothing to perform With all the ills of the earth.

North The united states and elements of Northern Europe have a significant variety of great places for setting up wind turbines. Approximately twenty% of Denmark's Electrical power is wind ability.

Mike Ruppert has his flaws, little question about it. But let's remember what he did: He supplied unimpeachable research from Principal sources about a prolonged profession, exploration that couldn't be located everywhere else, and gave us a map we are all applying to some degree or A different. Anybody see how, right following Stan Goff and Ruppert's piece on Pat Tillman, as an example, the shit hit the proverbial fan in the media concerning this Tale, when it had been quiet for years?

wasn't there an anti-war sentiment expressed in the november elections? do anti-war varieties even have to try and do much more than vote? shit, i don't know if I have obtained the time...

It is far from my work to show you manners, decency, pride or respectibility, but any time you look around and inquire you why the Left is so fucked up, Will not scratch your head way too very long, just look in the mirror, and take a look at oneself with that same shit having cheeky grin which you had after you despatched these messages on this thread and strike "publish."

It's like he thinks he was poisoned, and is proclaiming that he has offered up on his existence's do the job, within the hope that he will not be killed/messed with any longer.

He also averted the possibility that The purpose with the Iraq was was far more an issue of resource denial and blackmail to you can check here rising powers like China and India.

if peak oil is usually a federal government plot, why is often a media meme remaining enplaced to "debunk" it? Why is exxon getting out full web site ads from it?

Discrepancies of views when correctly respected can conserve us all page an excessive amount of grief In relation to venturing out onto thin ice.

Whether we realize it or not, we're all linked to a real truth motion. The concern is not only that is lying to us but how are we lying to ourselves.

Dude-persons, I was not straw-manning or slamming youse twos at all--I used to be just pointing to a few of the voices in the Peak crowd. I don't realize that I have even read through anything you guys have published, Except it absolutely was around at Large Gav's, in which I only intermittently go to.

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